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4:16 PM

It's been an eventful couple days here at our house! After the post I did last night, I decided to bring up the toddler bed from the basement for Liv. I would have been up all night wondering when Liv was going to crawl out of her crib. Switching to a toddler bed is NOT in my plans, but I guess Liv is ready!

Here is Daddy tucking her into bed.

It didn't work AT ALL....

Liv kept opening and closing her bedroom door. She finally fell asleep on the wood floor in daddy's office. Not a fun night...lots more of those to come I'm sure...


Today was a big day for Avery. She got to go to the dentist!

She was VERY nervous... Look how tiny she looks in that big ol' chair!

She had a hard time keeping her mouth open for the hygienist.

Mr. Dentist looked at her teeth and said that she needed to have 3 'sealants' done on some back teeth, but NO cavities! He did say that she should see an orthodontist because she has an "under bite"...more on that to come I suppose....

Getting ready for the bright light!

Having the sealants done...

We were so proud of miss Avery! I knew going to the dentist was going to be a very scary thing for her to do, and she did it! YEAH AVERY!

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