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8:39 PM

Liv is stubborn. She gets that from her mom and her dad.

That doesn't work in our favor in the speech department.

She doesn't want to talk. She is content saying her gibberish. She doesn't try.

I was researching online on some message boards about kids with speech problems.

I came upon these videos, made by Speech Therapists.

We tried them out this afternoon. They are great for getting babies to make sounds with their mouths. Kids that want to learn, that is... The lady on the DVD would look at us, and say something like "ba ba ba ba ba", and I'd look at Liv and try to encourage her to try. She just curled up in my lap, and said "yey-yev" which is her new "word" for everything....

I'm hoping that with repetition, she'll learn to enjoy watching these,
and someday maybe even try to talk!

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