But, I don't WANNA SHARE!

4:29 PM

Yesterday, Avery saw a little girl outside at our next door neighbors house. Being the friendly girl that she is, Avery introduced herself and had me come over to meet her new friend. The little girls' name was Allie, and she was visiting her grandparents, who are our next door neighbors. The girls talked for a minute, and then we came inside.

About 45 minutes ago, Allie came and knocked on our door. She wanted to play with Avery. No harm, I thought. So, they played on our swing set, and then in Avery's room. Then I heard Allie say "it"..."Avery, do you wanna come over to my grandma's house?" Ugh...what do I do? So, the girls got their shoes on, and I walked them next door. I took Liv outside with me, and we sat on a blanket right where our two lawns meet, and I tried desperately to listen to what was going on inside. Finally, after 15 minutes, I couldn't do it any longer. I went over to their house to check on her. There they were, making bracelets with grandma. Avery wanted to stay a little longer, and I didn't want her to, but I let her...

So, here I am...waiting for her to come home...I don't know how I'm going to let her do preschool in the fall...I just don't WANNA SHARE her...!

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