Monday, May 14, 2007

Mommy Talk #5

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Did you find out the sex of your baby?
Why or why not?
honest...did you have what you were hoping for?
(if you want, you can include ultrasound photos :))

I did find out with both girls. I am horrible about waiting for surprises, so I was determined to find out! With Avery, I had a 45 minute ultrasound but she was being very shy and keeping her legs closed so we couldn't tell what she was! I went to my regular OB appt. and then came back to the ultrasound room for them to try again. I went on my side, and the technician did a lot of pushing, but did a 'freeze frame' when she saw what she said were the '3 little lines' which meant a girl. I had secretly wanted a girl, so I was elated! We had another elective ultrasound at 36 weeks to MAKE SURE she was a girl, and this time they got a full photo of her girlie parts!

With Liv, the 20 week ultrasound couldn't have come fast enough. She too, was shy just as Avery was. We thought we were leaving without knowing the sex, but at the last minute the technician said that she saw the '3 little lines' so she was pretty sure it was a girl. I had thought I was going to be having a boy because the pregnancy was different, but was delighted that it was another girl...I wanted a girl again!

My ultrasound photos look as all the rest do, so this time I'm not going to go and drag them up and scan them in...I will say that we did have a 3D ultrasound with Liv, and she looked just like her daddy in it, and when she came out she looked just like her photo!


Stephanie said...

Oh how fun!!! I can't wait till I get pregnant.. Hopefully soon. I can't wait to experience all the first time feelings and ultrasounds and such.

Jann said...

Too cool! I always wanted to know and I was denied before birth each time! lol

Your girls are so cute!

Jennifer said...

Fun that Liv looked just like her photo (and like her daddy) when she came out! In one of Cullen's later ultrasound photos, his profile looked EXACTLY like Israel--everyone thought so. So, we thought he got a kid that looked like HIM this time. But, nope, when Cullen came out, he looked Sauls again like his brother! We joke that deep down, in one of Cullen's layers that was forming in pregnancy, he does look like Israel. But on the surface, well, we can't see it anymore!! Wonder what #3 will look like? Israel, laughing, says he knows: "The new baby will look like your dad, AGAIN!!" :)

Air Force Family said...

Too Cool! Your girls are adorable! TTYS.

Carrie said...

Your clinic is much more generous than mine. We get one ultrasound at 20 weeks and that's it unless there is a medical reason for one. Because I was so sick with Julia I did have one at 6 weeks with her as well as my 20 week. (It might have something to do with seeing a midwife????/what do you think Jennifer?)

jesse said...

Seems as if there are a few of us out there who can't wait, and really I didn't want a bunch of yellow and green outfits.

Sue said...

Yeah - I had 3d with both my girls and they sure looked like they did in the u/s.

I have to get my MT post up!


Michelle said...

I'm usually bad with waiting for surprises, so it's a wonder I managed to NOT find out with Kayla LOL

Melissa said...

Your experience sounds a lot like mine. I couldn't wait to find out either!


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