A little Mommy Talk #4

1:00 AM

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How much weight did you gain (w/ picture...are you brave enough:) )
and what did you like MOST about pregnancy?
What did you like the LEAST?

I hope I'm not the only brave one to post my big belly pictures! I was proud of that belly gosh darn it! The first photo is about 30 minutes before I went to the hospital to have Avery. I gained a total of 30 lbs with this pregnancy. What I loved the most was probably feeling her first movements, and knowing that God had entrusted PG and I with this new life. I didn't like the back aches and the constant trips to the bathroom...oh, and gaining weight, of course...

This photo was taken the day before I had Liv. This time around there were not many photos of my face, as that got a little chubby! With this pregnancy I gained 20 lbs. What I loved about being pregnant was just that...that we were finally able to conceive after the near 3 years of trying. I loved feeling her move, and I loved knowing it was another girl too! What I didn't like, was the nauseous feeling, the backaches, the trips to the bathroom, and having to sleep with 6 pillows and a baseball in the part of my back that was hurting...and the fat that decided to take up residence in my face, bottom, and thighs...

Now, I can't wait to see what you other mommies posted!

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