long and lean....

11:47 AM

those were her Dr.'s words on Monday as we went for Liv's 18 month check up (a month late)
I have gotten used to the idea that my kids are just going to be on the small side.

Here are Liv's stats from today!
Weight: 21 lbs, 9 oz - 10%
Height: 31 1/2 in - 50%
Head: 18 1/4 in - 50%

Another funny thing worth noting.....

the doctor asked if Liv was saying 8-20 words by now. I looked at her and smiled. "Um, no", I said, "but she does know Chinese, and I'm sure not many 18 month olds know that!".

Liv says 3 words right now....English words that is. She says "Mama", "Dada", and "bye bye". She's a tad slow on the speaking side, but like I said, she can speak Chinese like you ain't never heard before.....

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