Did you know? My sweet Avery graduated tonight?

10:32 PM

that's right! She did it! Mom and Dad are so very proud of her!

Here is Avery on the first day of school, and then tonight! Aren't they both beauties?

Her cute little class was all dressed up in cap and gowns....so precious!

See her....she's there, in the middle....you know, the smallest one....

They sang some songs, and did some other fun stuff (if you want to watch the videos, they are in the post below)

Avery getting her diploma!

She's so proud of herself....

Yup...I let her put some blush on, and paint her finger nails AND toenails!

Why do I think this picture will be shown at her high school graduation someday....sigh....

I am absolutely, positively, head over heels in love with this girl. I'm SO glad she's mine!

Outside by the preschool sign (I took out the school's name! )

Congratulations Avery!!!!

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