Our trip!

5:35 PM

This is the second time I've written this post. The first time it got deleted, so this is going to be much shorter and to the point!

We just got back from A-TOWN this afternoon. We had a fun time visiting Gavin's family!

Mommy and Avery in Nana and Bapa's pool. This was the first time Avery was able to float alone with her life jacket on. She's making progress!

She just loves to pose!

Liv is a water bug! She loves to splash around and fusses when you take her out of the pool! She's going to be a swimmer!!!!

Our lil' fire cracker on July 4th!

Liv and Aunt Holly!

Isn't she lovely! Her daddy sure thinks so! Look at his expression in the background!

Avery got to play with her 2nd cousins Carter and Kaleb! They came from Fargo to visit!

Waiting patiently for the fireworks with DJ and soon-to-be-Aunt Rachelle!

Here is our crew (minus me) at the fireworks!

Aunt Holly and Livvie. Holly's got a mighty sunburn! Ouch!

Shortly after this photo was taken we left the fireworks. It was about 10:30, we were tired, and we had parked our cars behind a row of trees and we couldn't really see the fireworks...sigh...did I mention the bugs? We all look soooo tired!

Avery and Lucy, the Italian Greyhound (Uncle Jon and Aunt Holly's puppy)

The entrance to FUN Land

Here is Daddy and Liv strolling along. It was Liv's first time at FUN Land!

Mommy and Daddy being crazy....and, Avery snuck in this photo at the last minute!

Avery's cousin-in-law Katrina came with us! Avery just loves her!

Katrina, Uncle Jon and Aunt Holly on the carousel!

Avery and Mommy on the carousel!


Awww....how sweet is that!

Sisterly love!

Rapunzel's castle...our last stop!

We have a couple of busy days ahead of us. There is another wedding this weekend! FUN FUN FUN!!!

Hope you all had a grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat 4th!

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