Here comes the ... flower girl!

4:11 PM

They're married! About 130 of us watched the happy couple, Brandon and Erin Pederson, get married this afternoon! And, of course....the photos of the cutie-patootie flower girl that I'm so in love with...

She LOVED posing for the camera....ask anyone! She thinks she's so "Hollywood"!
Ohh la la!

I think I'm biased, but I sure think she's a cutie!
My 2 girlies! I had someone watch Liv upstairs in the nursery so I could be with Avery for the wedding. That is another first for me. Liv did great, and Jesse did an awesome job at watching her! Thanks Jesse!
Here comes Avery...see her?
She was looking at me saying "there's none left...I threw too many flowers on the first throw!"
She did a great job! I was such a proud mommy!

The beautiful bride, Erin!
Our church is such an old beautiful building! A perfect place for a wedding!
Posing with the ladies!
Whatcha lookin' at?
And here is Liv...there's a story to this little girl. The girl woke up at 8 this morning, and usually needs to take her first nap by around 10 am. She didn't sleep, so I was trying to keep her occupied while getting myself ready, and doing an 'up-do' on Avery's hair with the hairspray and bobby pins and the whole nine yards. THEN, we get to church, and I hand her over to Jesse, telling her that she'll sleep for sure...SHE DOESN'T SLEEP! This little stinker didn't fall asleep for me till 2:00 pm....Leave it to Liv to keep me on my toes!
Whew....4 weddings for us this summer. I guess it comes with having a church congregation mostly of 20-something college students! We're done for a while now...until December when Gavin's brother gets married! Oh, and another one of my DEAR friends just got engaged today....I am THRILLED to say the least...

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