I'm SCREAMING with excitement!

1:04 PM

Okay....many of you know my fears and anxieties about sending Avery to preschool in the fall. I signed her up because she needs to go to some sort of school...she IS 5 ya know! So, I enrolled her in a MWF afternoon preschool.

Well, as the months have gone on, I have been re-thinking this whole preschool thing. And, when Avery up and started reading a month ago, I really was wondering what to do. I didn't want her to be in a class with kids 1 year younger than her...just didn't seem like she would be challenged enough, ya know?

I called the preschool early this week just to ask about the Pre-K program they have. I didn't really think they had any openings, and they didn't. BUT, today, one of the teachers called me to inform me that a spot opened up for Avery! It does cost $110 a month, which is a BIG stretch for us, but I really think it's what's best for her!
Why is this better for her you ask? Well...
*this class only has 10 kids compared to the 25 her other class would have
*this class has 5 girls and 5 boys...perfect mix!
*this class does not have another Avery in it that is a boy, as her MWF class did
*this class gets to buy their own school supplies (FUN!)
*they get to bring their own snack to school (great for us allergy moms)
*they go on a lot more field trips
*they are doing a handwriting curriculum
*they go every day for 3 hours (at 8:20 am...not so great for moms!)

So, catch my drift....I am excited for this! I feel so much better with this class, and now instead of dreading preschool...I'm looking forward to it! CAN'T BELIEVE I'M SAYING THAT!

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