Avery's birthday!

11:01 AM

What a FUN Avery day we had! Here is the birthday girl! Can you believe she's 5?

We left for BIG TOWN in the morning. It was sprinkling outside, so we decided to go to the Butterfly House first. It was our first time there! Here is Avery and Nana!

The butterflies just fly around this inside "garden". We thought Avery would be a tad freaked out, but she really enjoyed watching them fly around. Liv did too!

The butterflies were having some lunch when we were there

I love my Avery

There were SOOOOO many different kinds of butterflies there! Did you know that they only live for a few weeks? Neither did I. We learned it from watching an informational movie!
It was very hot and humid inside the butterfly garden. Both Nana and my hair were frizzy afterwards! AND, you couldn't bring in a stroller, so we carried Livvie around!
Avery loved going over this bridge!
3 butterfly eggs
After the butterfly house, we went for Avery's birthday lunch at Culvers! She LOVES LOVES LOVES Culvers! She had the typical hot dog and french fries! But, she is wearing a new butterfly necklace from Nana (you just can't see it)

Next on the list....the ZOO! The rain cleared up, and it was a nice 75 degree day!
I took this photo because for the life of me I can't figure out why this Camel had a hoof-looking thing growing out of his belly. I guess it's for when they sit down, but man....that's something I never knew!
Mommy and her girls!
At the petting zoo...Liv loved the chance to be out of her stroller (the navy one in the background)
Ooo Ooo...posing with Nana and the gorilla!

This is Avery's friend "Giblert the goat". She talked to him like he was her best friend. She told him it was her special day, and that she was 5! We did have to come back a second time to see him. She told him that she would be back to visit when she is 6...
Avery had to introduce Nana and Livvie to her new goat friend
She just loves these carousels! Mommy got a little motion-sickness from this. Pitiful, I know. I used to go on the Gravitron and the Tilt-a-Wirl and not feel a thing...
Aren't giraffe's beautiful? Avery was very interested in them because we had just seen a momma giraffe give birth (standing up) on Animal Planet the other day.
Avery still had a token to use, and the guy who drove the Zoo train was on lunch break, so Nana took her on the carousel again. This time she picked a zebra, and named it Sally.
After the Zoo, we went shopping, and then drove over to Famous Dave's for their brownie desert! Avery wouldn't eat the potato wedge french fries they have, so I had to walk next door to Culver's and get her some fries...hey....it was her birthday after all...:)
We stopped at Toys R Us before we left. Liv LOVED being out of the cart and gave us a such a funny laugh when she was put in this race car...
This will be a fun picture to look back on when they are actually able to drive on their own...
We came home....tired....and Avery slept for 2 hours! When she woke up, she got to open up a present from mommy and daddy....the Island Princess Barbie Rosella! Whoo ooo! She was very excited!
Liv and I went to bed around 9:30, so we didn't get to finish the rest of our day with Avery. She told me this morning that her and daddy started their nightly routine of reading through the bible. She said she learned that "God made a lotta stuff"...

Her "real" party is this weekend. Nana Judy and Bapa Ron are coming down from A-TOWN, and we will have another "Avery day"!

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