Wedding bells!

6:28 PM

Here are the photos of the HOT HOT HOT wedding we went to this afternoon! Did I mention that our sanctuary isn't air conditioned? Um, isn't. It was a tad hot to say the least! Oh well...the bride and groom sure looked good!

Mike and Becky Berhow! It's crazy how just like that, they're married!

Avery didn't want any photos of her taken. I had to tell her I was taking a picture of the flowers on her dress...

Liv was tired but awake for the wedding. That meant that she was wired and antsy. Add the heat to that mix, and I was ready to jet after the i-do's were over!

I went and got Avery some McD's fries and cooled off a tad before the reception. Liv fell asleep on my little adventure, so that made me a happy momma!
Mike and Becky looked so happy!

They won't be too happy when they see their car! he he he...

Here is our, tired, and ready to get into some REAL air conditioning!

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