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3:53 PM

When you go to upload a photo, have you ever seen these numbers and wondered what they meant?

For a while, when I go to upload my photos onto my blog, I have been getting a warning that says that I am "currently using 81% of my 1024 mb".

I panicked, and thought I was going to have to start a whole new blog because, after all, if I don't have any more memory, how would I upload photos of my girls?

That was what I thought, until I saw that "?" next to the warning. A couple days ago I clicked on it to see where it would take me!

Well, it took me here:
How can I get more storage for my images?

which then took me here...

Upgrading Storage: How it works

From that last site, you are able to purchase additional storage, which means you can blog until...well, forever, and not worry about your storage!!!

So, for $20, I got 10 GB (compared to the 1GB that you get free from blogger).

  • 10GB - $20/yr
  • 40GB - $75/yr
  • 150GB - $250/yr
  • 400GB - $500/yr
So, now when I go to upload a photo, here is what I see.....

"You are currently using 7% of my 11264 mb"

Guess I'll be blogging until...well, forever now....

Let me know if this was helpful! :)

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