8:26 PM

Still potty training. She's had 1 successful poopy in the potty, but the rest have been in her pull-up.

She goes every time that she sits on the toilet. Sometimes, she'll go 3 times within 15 minutes. I'm sure this will stretch out.

When she goes potty, she'll look at me and say "yeah girl"...she calls herself "girl".

Something has changed in this puppy, and all of a sudden she doesn't pee or poo in the house anymore. She used to always just squat on our laminate floors and go, but now something has changed. She'll come to me and bark, or just stare at me when she has to go out. I am SO glad we are finally in this stage. It's been 5 months of accidents, so I'm glad it's over (at least I hope)

Tonight I tried to get Avery to try a new food. She is usually very DEFIANT about this. Defiant doesn't even seem to be the strongest of words I could use. Anyhow, today she said to me that she's tired of eating the same thing in her lunch that I send her. I thought maybe it was "the time" to try again.

After lots of prompting and some tears, we got enough courage to try a little something.

What did we try? Well, she tried...bread. She had a tiny bite, and then asked me to put some ketchup on it. She tried it again, and said it was okay. THIS IS HUGE FOR AVERY!

Second, we tried Applesauce. She likes apples, so I assumed she'd like applesauce. She was nervous to try it, but she did, and does not like it.

She and I decided that we are going to try 2 new tastes a day. I hope she will cooperate, because this little girl of mine has to eat new things SOON....

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