Letters, hearing tests, and hot dogs...Oh MY!

9:45 PM

I'm not too great at this blogging thing lately! I tell ya, I used to update multiple times a day with fun photos and cute things the girls were doing, and now....well...now, I have a 6 year old, a 2 year old tornado, and a 12 week old puppy!

Hopefully you all are still with me! :)

Liv had her hearing test today in BIG TOWN. We took Avery out of school and we made a day out of it. Check out the nice note Avery wrote me in the van today...

(Dear Jennisa, I love you and like you. Love, Avery)

Liv's appointment went really well. She cooperated with the Audiologist, and there are no signs of any hearing problem.

She told us that 2 year olds are supposed to be able to say about 200 words. Liv can say probably less than 15, so yup, there's a problem!!! We will be having her begin speech therapy sometime here soon, and hopefully that will solve it!

And, on the way out of the hospital, check out what we saw?

When we left the house today Hubby was all like, "why did you have to bring the camera today?" I'm so glad I had a fun reason to throw back in his face! :) :)

Avery wrote her first letter to a boy this week. Here it is!!!

(Dear Jerett, I like you so much I want a paper that has your phone number. Love, Avery Joy)

Oh, and now Liv AND Avery enjoy the dog kennel....

While Piper prefers her big girl bed instead...

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