Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day off

Hubby is letting me have part of the day "off" today! I get to go to BIG TOWN to have a little "me time" that is so crucial to staying sane!!!

Think I just might have to do a little shopping! I love me some Target, so I'll be stopping there for sure!

Avery doesn't have school, so daddy's going to be home with the girls AND Piper!!!

Hope you all have a relaxing Thursday!

You know I will be!



wow deck the halls have a great time enjoy your day and shop till you drop i too love target ours hads a starbucks so double fun going in side their.

btw love the christmass template looks devine.

Lisa said...

Hope you had fun!! Love the new Christmas look. I'm so ready to decorate my house!


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