Saturday, November 22, 2008

A day in the life....

These 2 photos sum up a majority of my day.

Keeping an eye on Piper...she gets into everything!

And dear Liv. This photo describes her so well....upside-down sunglasses, food stained shirt, and a snack....She is my unique, but sweet, little girl!


MamaBear said...

I love how well you sum up daily life. :)

(I gave you an award on my blog tonight.)

Only 6 more days until we do our own decorating - can't wait!! The pink tree looks fun - where do you put it?

Heidi said...

Liv is so cute and Piper too. Piper looks like a handfull.

Sara said...

ok...too funny.
Life IS an adventure for sure eh?
have a gREAT week.

Lisa said...

Okay the picture of Piper is like my 8 month old.. into EVERYTHING!! :)


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