Finn's 2nd Birthday

10:50 PM

Getting ready for his 2nd birthday was bittersweet.  Thankful where we are today, but so sad how time flies by so fast....

It took quite a few pics and 2 days to get a pic that I liked :)

we tried on Sunday (how adorable is this little suit coat?)

an out-take :) 

after a hair cut....

anyhow, November 12th came.  We tried our best to make it a great day for little Finn.  He only got sad two times, which for a 2 year old is HUGE!  

In the afternoon, we chatted with Nana Dianne while he opened up a gift from her and Bapa Craig!  He knew just what to do with the wrapping paper!

After supper, on to celebrating with cake!  He was terrified of the flame!

but, enjoyed the cupcake for sure :)

It's kind of fun being 2!

gifts from us to him!  he had so much fun opening them up!

This pic is too funny!  He opened the paper a bit, saw that it was part of a dinosaur, and looked at us excited!  Then, looked back down and unwrapped a bit more, and then dropped it and was scared!  sweet boy......

He took a lot of his new little toys and got them all lined up!

He wanted a picture of him with his new toys, and this is how he stood!  so cute!

So, we officially have a 2 year old now.  We are so in love with this little guy!

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