Another outside afternoon!

10:00 PM

Daddy was working again today....A-L-L Day L-O-N-G..... Us girls tried to get out of the house to make the day go faster!

Liv got ambitious today, and gave the slide a go-at-it...

Nice Avery...booty in the face always helps out a lot!
Avery took a photo of Mommy and Livvie! She might have a career blossoming in the photography business!
No, Avery didn't go to school with this STYLISH makeover! She did it this afternoon! Don't ya just love the headband/choker necklace look? At least she has a cute smile! Oh, and she has, what she calls, a "bimple" by her lip. It looks more like a scab of some sort to me, but whatever. Makes me wonder who she's been smoochin' at school! (only kidding!)

I took both these pictures of the girls as they were climbing UP the slide...

They do get along occasionally, ya know!

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