a-CHOO, sniff, cough....

7:11 PM

Avery's sickness has spread. Oh my, has is spread. I suppose this happens in every house when one has yucky germs. Ya wanna know how it went? Avery gave it to me, then Daddy got it, and today Liv got it. She's got a constant stream of snot coming out of her nose, and with her being on the move all-the-time (yes, even when sick) it's hard to keep on top of it.

I was able to take a nap (with a 5 year old opening the window, shining light on me, and trying to tickle me) today, and PG also was able to come home and take a rest. Why is it that when we adults get sick, all we want to do is sleep, and our kids just keep on going. Liv JUST took her first nap of the day, and it's about 7 pm! Avery's been going all day long too (and day 1 of hot dogs in squares has not been good AT ALL).

Ya know when your body is so sore and achy that the hair on your eyebrows hurts? Yeah, that's me right now...

Darn that preschool and their germs...... :)

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