Star of the Week!

10:18 PM

We got up bright and early this morning to get ready for our first day of Star of the Week! How fun! Avery picked out a pretty dress, and I sat her down at Crazy Mommy Hair Salon to get her hair all curled for the day!

~on the way to school! It was VERY rainy outside today!~

She was able to take a 'show and tell' for the first time today. She picked out a stuffed animal duck that Bapa Ron bought for her when she was 1. It's kind of funny that she all of a sudden enjoys this stuffed animal, as we have always joked that she'd better like it, 'cause it cost $16.99! (for a duck...grandpa's buy anything, don't they!)

Avery got to answer some very special "Star" questions. Here they are with her answers:
What do you want to be when you grow up? A mommy, and work a lot...
What is your favorite food? Vegetables and french fries
What do you like to do? play, movies, play dates

She brought skittles for her friends for snack today too! AND, she even got to wear this crown (?) all day! (and yes, there is the expensive duck. Her name is Wolfie!)

Not sure what else she gets to do for "Star of the Week", but I'm sure it will be a FUN filled week!

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