Field Trip to the Fire Department!

12:51 PM

I got to go with Avery's class today to the Fire Department! How fun!

When we got there, we went inside this "smoke house", where the simulate a fire.

The smoke's a comin'! That's Avery on the left side with the flower pink coat!

Fireman Phil showing the kids how to crawl out of the window!

I have to say I was SHOCKED that Avery participated. She is usually gets a tad freaked out with this kind of thing.
But, there she went, out the window like the rest of the kiddos!
She was a little reluctant to go down the ladder at first, but with mommy next to her, and Mrs. P below, she braved the ladder!

Next, Fireman Phil tried on his suit for us! He said that the suit and the air pack he wears is like an additional 50 lbs! WOWSERS!

Here's my beauty......

Sittin' pretty on the fire truck!

The signature mommy and Avery picture!

Avery and her classmates!

Fun times had by all!

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