The WHOLE family is here now!!!!!

10:49 AM

All my family is here! HOORAY! Here's some more photo goodness!
Avery wanted me to put her hair up "like how you have it after your shower, mommy"
Livvie can't stay away from the dog's water and food bowls
Aunt Kathryn brought Nana Dianne some fun Indian Punjabi outfits!
There's Aunt Kathryn!
(She's 1/2 Indian...her mother and father met over in India when he was a missionary. Her father is American, her mother is Indian. They live over in India and run a AIDS/Leprosy hospital)

Another outfit from India! Avery had Nana pose and do all sorts of crazy things! She does like to take pictures, that Avery!

More fun today! We're going to take a family picture, make a birthday cake for Livvie, go out to eat, and just enjoy each other! FUN TIMES!!!

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