Liv is getting her OWN room!

10:47 PM

Yes, Daddy and I have talked briefly about the fact that Liv will probably need to have her own room one of these months. So, we are going to turn our office/guest room into her bedroom! Don't ask me where our guests will sleep! Good thing we don't have too many of 'em!
Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE LOVE LOVE to decorate and find fun bedding sets for the girls. So, not even a day after we talked about it, I went and bought Livvie a fun bedding set on ebay!
(Baby Martex Blossoms Set)
It is a full crib set, but I got such a steal on it!
Now, I just need, I mean WANT, to get the accessories (below) for it! They do have it at Target and Toy's R Us, so at least I know where I can get it all! Now I get to start thinking about paint colors!

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