Livvie's Birthday Weekend!

10:21 PM

We all had such a fabulous time! It was great to see our families, and celebrate our little Livvie's first birthday! Here's another picture story for you...

Aunt Kathryn making Liv's cake!
Liv, all decked out in her birthday gear, while we're singing to her!
So, um, yeah....the cake wasn't a hit with her. She didn't know what to do, and didn't want anything to do with it...
BUT, I kept trying. After all, once she tasted it, she'd realize she loved it, right? success with the cake!
On to opening Liv's presents! Avery was such a great help opening her gifts for her!
She got lots of goodies, and LOVED this singing chair thing!
Peek a boo Livvie!

Avery fell asleep after the FUN weekend with Mommy's family!

But, Livvie just kept on going..... and going.......
Sunday, was birthday party #2. Gavin's parents and his brother DJ and fiance Rachelle came and celebrated with us! We ate at Applebee's for lunch (YUMMY!!!)

Here's Livvie with her new fun learning book from DJ and Rachelle!Isn't this such a cute picture? ahhhhhhhhhh
We decided to try the cake thing again.... This time it went a little better. She still didn't want to touch it, but I put some of her little puffs on her high chair mixed in with the cake.

All of our company has left now, and we're back to having just the 4 of us here. We had such a fabulous time, and THANK YOU to all our wonderful family for making Livvie's birthday celebration so awesome!

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