5 Family Garage Sale!

12:54 PM

I was in a "mood" the other day. I started going through our stuff, room by room.  I ended up with 14 totes overflowing with STUFF!  I put a post on facebook, and some other church friends chimed in and mentioned doing a garage sale together, and so....we just went and did it!

Here is Liv and Finn and I packed in the van with all our stuff...:)

made up some fun ads for around town!  Our sale was on a very busy street in town, so we were anticipating a good turn out!

SOOOOOO much stuff!  I ended up taking at least 2 more van loads over of more stuff I found.  So ridiculous how much stuff I had laying around here!

It ended up being a huge success for all of us!  There were lots of cars parked and people standing out front before we opened.  At one point, there had to have been a line of at least 10 people going out to the street!  It was nuts, but so thankful our stuff is GONE!!!

The girls helped a ton!  Liv had a pop and water and rice krispie booth, so she made some money!  Avery enjoyed being at the check out table, helping with money and bagging up items.

It was such a fun time with great friends! :)

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