Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Should I?

I'm thinking that
"Jennisa's Bloggie Designs"
doesn't sound fun and exciting...

any ideas out there?
I'd love to hear them...ALL of them!
drop me an email at jennisajoy@gmail.com

How 'bout Crazy Mamma Designs? HA HA
(only kidding...I think)

In other design news, my long time designer that I was working with, Angela, is sort of 'retiring' from digi scrapbooking, so I've been on the prowl for new, fun designers. It's been TONS of fun contacting designers, and it makes me so happy to hear how excited they are to come on board with me! You should check out all the new FUN FUN stuff there is! CLICK HERE to see all the new design kits!!! (did I mention that my current waiting list is 41 gals long? I couldn't be happier!!!)

****UPDATE...Thanks for all the blog design names! HOW FUN! I'm going to pick a winner on Saturday, and that person will get a FREE BLOG DESIGN!!!!!!!!!! Get your ideas in!!!*******


Pea Pod Mommy said...

New kits are looking great! ;-)

Pea Pod Mommy said...
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Theresa Marie said...

Congrats on all the new design stuff you can work with Jennisa!! How exciting!!! I'm so bad with naming businesses... but if I think of something, I'll let you know :)

Sara said...

I LOVE to think of names....and I was thinking about something with JOY, since it's special in many ways....
You'll pick just the right one I'm sure, but also I was thinking about the word: Enchanted (also)
Well, that's all

MCK Mama said...

41 !?!?! Wow. Any luck on thinking of a new name? No ideas for you at the moment...

Anonymous said...

Designs by Diva Mamma
Blog Re-Design
Blog Etc.
Planet Blog
Creative Touch Designs
Rock my Blog
Blog my World
Prairie Designs
Enchanted Designs

LeslieW. said...

That is fun! Unfortunately I am not feeling all that creative right now...it's all I can do not to be napping right now! ;)

Sara said...

J.O.Y. Designs
Enchanted Blogs
Princess Mama
Digi Diva!

I'll keep thinking...
this is too much fun and I'm suppose to be working here.....

Kara said...

Wow 41 girls...that is awesome! Keep up the great work. I don't have any name ideas though...I am so not creative!

Sara said...

DIGI J.O.Y designs
Crea8 Digi by jennisa
Design Digi by Jennisa
Cyber mommy....weird I know
Digi on the Prairie (long....)
Digi Designs by Jennisa
J.O.Y of Digi

Idea? Maybe if you name your computer, you could incorportate that into your name somehow? hee hee.....just thinking for ya.....
I think I must be having some caffeine this early early a.m.

See ya this afternoon!
Hope some of these ideas helps and who knows....


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