Sunday, February 17, 2008

an Avery funny

On Valentine's Day we all got up late, and I ended up having to take Avery to school. I had planned to just wear my "pajama pants" also known as sweatpants to drop her off.

As I was putting my coat and shoes on, Avery looked at me and said, " can't take me like THAT!"

I said, "Why not? It's Valentine's Day colors!"
She said, "But they're not PANTS!"
"Oh", I said..."Would you be embarrassed if I wore these red pants to school?"
She said, "Um...yes!"

It has begun.....
My child is embarrassed by me. Little does she know that the red 'pajama' pants are noting compared to what she WILL be embarrassed about that I do!!!!


Nana Dianne said...

I remember your dad taking you to school dressed in his camo clothes and you made him drop you off a block away. Could happen to you too!

Jamie said...

Aah yes, the worst is yet to come. Jalyn was embarrassed the other night, when I tried taking her picture at skating lessons. I thought the same thing, "kid, you haven't seen anything yet"!!!

Theresa Marie said...

LOL! oh boy... what I have to look forward to :)

Dena said...

Hahahah- I am ALWAYS making fun of the girls for doing their errands with their workout clothes on!

LeslieW. said...

LOL!!! That is too funny!

SandyHills Momma said...

LOL, If red 'pajama' pants are all we do to embarass our children we will be golden in their adult years!!

Love your blog ... your designs are awesome!!


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