It's finally happened....

1:22 PM

officially, I am crazy.

I'll admit it, finally...

Today I am acting like I've taken one too many crazy pills, and the thing is....I haven't taken a thing. I'm just naturally this way.

Wanna know what made this episode come on? Hmmmm...

Well, a year ago at Christmas, I bought myself a cute lil' bible. I wanted a cute one to tote around in my purse/diaper bag, instead of the ginormous one that I previously had.

I put this said bible away in my bed-side table. After all, I would never part with it. It was my bible my home church gifted me with after I was baptized and it was the bible I had during bible college. There were many notes in that bible, and it's just something that you can't replace, ya know?

That brings me to today....actually, yesterday and today...

I can't find the cotton-pickin' bible! The thing is huge, so I don't know how I lost it. I've looked everywhere, and when I say everywhere, I even mean in places that couldn't even fit a bible. Here are a few, just a few, of the places I've looked...

  • on top of my kitchen cabinets
  • in EVERY single one of my 20+ totes of misc clothing in the basement
  • in our safe (seriously, why would it be in there?)
  • under our bathroom sink, and in the bathroom linen closet
  • under my bed
  • in the garage
  • in the cars
  • in my bathroom, everywhere
I even made my husband search with me. He looked all over church yesterday, and came up empty handed.

BUT, that wasn't good enough for this crazy woman who wasn't going to stop till she found it!

He brought Avery home from school today, and I MADE him stay home with the girls so I could go over to church and look EVERYWHERE! He looked at me like I was some lady off her rocker, and I have to agree with him....

Here are some of the places I looked at church
  • in the baptistry
  • in the linen drawers
  • inside the flip top of the piano (yes, I did)
  • underneath chairs/couches
  • in bathrooms
If you haven't guessed, I didn't find it. I feel defeated. I can't find the bible that I'm looking for. Not only that, but in tearing apart my house, I STILL haven't found the brown brush that I also lost a couple months ago...

So, God....if you happen to frequent my blog, please, PUH-LEASE show me where this bible is! After all, it's not like I'm looking for some gossip magazine, or some hot romance novel. It's the WORD OF GOD I'm searching for! And, if anyone else out there finds an ol' bible that has my name on it, you know where the crazy girl that will claim it is....

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