Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my project file...

I have been on a DIY project kick lately. Blog world is wonderful at such a time as this...take a peek at what I have been looking to do...{keep in mind, none of these are my photos...not yet anyway!}

#1. Advent Calendar

I love the idea of having a doll that can be dressed up in a piece of clothing each day for 24 days. This one runs around $90 (crazy), but a great idea none-the-less!

Another idea is to have a giant doll and have 24 pockets on her. I LOVE this idea, and we have this huge life size groovy girl doll that I could make a Christmas dress for, and we'd be set!

#2. Anything with ornaments

this wreath is made with with a wire hanger and ornaments. You can make one for ANY time of the year! LOVE IT

This would be perfect for Christmas!

Ornament trees are next on my list! just look what can be done with a little hot glue and some elbow grease?

or even a topiary....

3. paper wreath

this one is made with a styrofoam wreath, and strips of gathered paper!

4. Pom poms

these would be just perfect for birthday parties! Take 8 pieces of tissue paper, and do some folding and tie them up, and this is what happens!

5. fabric pumpkins

this will be on my list for next year....cute little pumpkins made out of fun fabric! Soo easy!!!

What is on YOUR DIY list???


art in motion photography said...

OH... I love these Ideas..you are just so creative :)

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

In love with the topiary idea.

Sara said...

Ok...I say we have a girl DIY day at your house and let's get it done...LOL Sooooo fun to see.
I LOVE the wreath ideas and may just have to try this myself...very cool, very cool. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

Christi said...

There is TOO many projects out there that are cute and seemingly easy to do! these are great. that paper wreath can be done with ribbon too and i have tried that christmas ornament tree..it didnt turn out as i had hoped!!!

If only i could do all of the ideas that are in my head!! hmmmmm....

these look great for the girls to do too! you have to post pics of your projects!

Loukia said...

What fabulous and beautiful ideas - thanks! By the way... I love your blog! It's so pretty!

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

We have one of the advent calendar dolls! My mom found a huge rag doll at a thrift shop and put a dress together for it and sent it our way. Here is my blog post about it from last year. The kids just LOVE it! (our pockets are rather large since there are four goodies in each one)



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