Last day of swimming lessons

3:28 PM

After the previous post of Avery putting her head underwater, she has been the stubborn girl that she is, and went back to not doing much at all. The last couple days of swimming have been full of frowns, no's, and crying.

Today was the last day. Her swim teach has been such a trooper with her. She was being very shy and crabby, and not doing much of anything. Towards the end, I told him, "take her out and go under." He told her that they were going to go under one more time.

Here she is holding on to him for dear life and saying "NO NO NO...can we PLEASE go back to the edge?"

We both told her, "Just one time, now hold your breath and count 1-2-3"
And, there ya have it! Photographic proof that Avery went under water! She didn't cry this time, and said it was "kind of scary" as to "really scary the first time".
Look at Matt's smile...when she got out, all the other kids and teachers were looking at her with big smiles!
Way to go Avery!!!

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