Tuesday, July 29, 2008

water bugs

Feels like we were in the water all day today. At swimming lessons, wading pool, small pool outside, and then back to the wading pool. Whew....hope they sleep good tonight!

Here's Liv as we were playing in our pool in the backyard

And, Avery....love this look she's giving me....

We then realized that our pool is such a bore in comparison to the FREE wading pool. Even thought I had a headache, I took both girls over for some water fun!

Liv LOVES the water. Quite unlike her sister, she has no fear.

She had to go deep to where her sister was playing.

And, crawling in the shallow end! I had to keep reminding her to keep her chin up!

It only confirms....my 2 children are VERY opposite from each other...

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Becky :) said...

Mine are the same way. My oldest, she doesn't like to swim and doesn't do it very well. My youngest, he loves to swim once he gets used to the water.
The pictures are cute and you get an A for effort for taking them out even when you had a headache. I love Avery's bathing suit, so cute.

Andrea said...

Liv is SOSOSO cute!! Their swimming suits are also quite adorable!

LeslieW. said...

Are they sooo cute! Love a little girl in a bathin' suit!

Anonymous said...

Be prepared... :-) You see, one summer, when Lilly was 3 or just turning 4, she graduated from the wading pool to the diving board in ONE summer! Incredible, huh? See what you have to look forward to?
Aunt Becky

Dena said...

look how BIG those sweet girls are getting!!! OMGravy - Look at all of Livvie's hair!

MerrandaVK said...

OK - I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE those darling swimsuits you have for your girls. Wanna share where you got them? Your girls have sure grown up alot since I started coming over and checking out your blog. Maybe I missed this, but are your girls in school or homeschool?


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