Swim Lessons 4 & 5

10:59 PM

Avery has had 2 consecutive days of Brittney swim lessons this week! I have to say, she has sort of "stalled". I was hoping by the end of lesson 5, we would be getting our face in the water or our hair wet. Nope, Avery shows her stubbornness in all areas of her life....

She DID get better with doing her "chin dips" and her "nose dips". AND, yesterday, Brittney said that she even did pretend bubbles and the water touched her lips! This is HUGE for her!

She came over to the edge to show me, and boy she tried, and tried....but, nope...it was a one time thing! Oh well, I'm still proud of you Avery!

Today was her last lesson with Brittney. I tell ya, private lessons for people like us are not the cheapest thing. 5 was all we could do, and we are thankful that Avery got much more comfortable with the water. Her Red Cross Lesson 1 swim lessons will start on the 14th, so we'll see how she does in more of a group setting!

Overall, we are so proud of her for trying some things she has been afraid of in the past! Great job sweet Avery!

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