more swimming lessons....

3:27 PM

Today, teacher Matt wasn't at lessons. BUT, the great news, is that Brittney (the girl who gave Avery private lessons) was his sub! Avery had a fantastic day....

She did the "monkey crawl" on the sides of the pool. Usually she puts her hands and elbows up on the ledge, but today Brittney talked her into just holding on with her hands!

Next, Avery did some back floats, which she has really never done before. She's crazy about being on her back. But, again, Brittney made her feel comfortable, so she did it!!!

And she also showed Avery how to do her "ice cream scoops" while doing a "chin dip" at the same time!!

Lastly, she tried so very hard to talk Avery into blowing bubble in the pool. Avery was stubborn, of course, but out came a straw, and she did it! :)

Tomorrow is Avery's last day of swim lessons. Daddy and Liv are going to come too, so hopefully Avery will decide to be brave and put on a show for us!

Oh, one more thing....she got a new bed. We are finally putting her into a twin bed. Here she is posing with the bed after 1 coat of primer! :)

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