More Swimming...and this time it gets good!

4:52 PM

Avery had swimming lessons again today. Look at how far in the water she went today? These are called "neck dips"!

BUT, the best part of the day....after swimming lessons, she and I went to the wading pool, and she showed off a few new skills!!! Check these out.....


Plugging nose and putting nose and mouth into water!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

And, putting our ears in the water! WHOO HOO!!!!

Then, she decided that she wanted to jump in, all by herself! Check her out!

She didn't go under, or anywhere near, but it's a HUGE step for her!

She just loves to walk around on her hands in the pool.....

And, before we left, she finally conquered the umbrella thing. She has always stayed away from it, but today, well today...she went in it! GO AVERY!

I am such a proud mama today!!!

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