Tuesday, July 22, 2008

$32 of embarrassment

I am ashamed. I spent $32 tonight that should NOT have been spent....at all.

Get this. I spent it in the drive thru at Dairy Queen....no joke...sick and wrong, right? yup...

I didn't get anything outrageous, either...it was just THAT much $$$.... I even asked them to read back the order to me, and THEN I looked at the receipt. I should have driven away, but I didn't....

Here is what I bought.....
3 BBQ's
2 onion rings
1 hot dog kids meal
1 - 4 pc chicken strips
1 med pop
1 lg blizzard
1 md malt

Nothing too crazy...we DID splurge on dessert. But, $32? Seriously? We could have eaten at our favorite sit down Mexican restaurant, or gotten twice as much food at Applebees.

Gol, DQ...I've got beef with you and your prices....grrrrrr

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Carrie said...

I think I've only eaten a meal there once. Even just getting dessert is expensive.

My trick? Instead of ordering the PeanutBuster Parfait which is over FOUR dollars these days, I order a medium hot fudge sundae and have them add nuts. I can get TWO of those for the price of one parfait.

Jamie said...

Don't feel bad, their prices ARE crazy.
I had Anthony bring me lunch one day from there, and it was $8, just for me. I didn't even order anything crazy. So if you figure $8, times the 4 in your family, that's $32. See, Im trying to justify it for you.
This tends to happen to us at Culvers too, when a kids meal is $5, we can easily spend $30, and feel like we didn't even order anything.
But like you said, for $32, you could have gone to a nicer sit down place. That's what we think EVERY time we leave DQ or Culvers.
Don't get me wrong, it's good, but expensive for "fast food".

Darby said...


OK, you know I love DQ but this is surprising to me... $32... seriously, that sounds like a lot to me too. I've eaten there before and double checked the receipt like 3x. They have REALLY good chicken wraps-- for $1.50 next time you should order 10 of them.... but then Avery probably wouldn't eat them but you'd all be full and it'd only cost 1/2 as much! :)But I'm with you on the malt... gotta splurge sometimes!

Leslie said...

I don't eat at DQ really ever but about one or twice a year we pick up a Ice Cream Cake. They are expensive also but we love them. I felt better though, the other day I picked up a turtle ice cream cake from Culvers for someone at camp and it was half the size of my ice cream cake and cost just a hair more at $27. I thought better about spending that on my cake at DQ. We would definetly go to Applebees if we knew we were going to spend that amount on Supper. Love Applebees and the blondie. That's where my bill goes up, I have to have one if we go to Applebees.

MerrandaVK said...

Oh - you should have seen the unfortunate Culvers bill we had today, and we only ordered 1 soda and all shared... ugh... I could have cooked dinner for 3 nights for what a measly lunch cost us.. Glad I am not the only one who gets uptight about that kind of thing :)


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