$32 of embarrassment

10:36 PM

I am ashamed. I spent $32 tonight that should NOT have been spent....at all.

Get this. I spent it in the drive thru at Dairy Queen....no joke...sick and wrong, right? yup...

I didn't get anything outrageous, either...it was just THAT much $$$.... I even asked them to read back the order to me, and THEN I looked at the receipt. I should have driven away, but I didn't....

Here is what I bought.....
3 BBQ's
2 onion rings
1 hot dog kids meal
1 - 4 pc chicken strips
1 med pop
1 lg blizzard
1 md malt

Nothing too crazy...we DID splurge on dessert. But, $32? Seriously? We could have eaten at our favorite sit down Mexican restaurant, or gotten twice as much food at Applebees.

Gol, DQ...I've got beef with you and your prices....grrrrrr

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