Saturday, July 26, 2008

Searching for a coat

Last week I began the search for a wintercoat/snowpant set for Avery. I'm all about a bargain, so I like to search for awhile till I find what I like.

My search began and ended on Ebay. I just love Ebay. Actually, I just love to shop. Especially for adorable girl things.

Anyhow, in my search for a winter coat for Avery, I just had to share some of the (in my opinion) HORRID coats that are for sale on Ebay. I got a good laugh, and I hope you do too!

For the music lover

For the Faux-fur lover....seriously, why??? for a kid? good gracious...

For the Zoo animal freaks

Don't have a comment for this one. Looks like it comes with a train...

For those of you who have kids that want to make their own coat

And, the grand finale.....the practical, reliable, comfy, warm PERFECT for Avery, Columbia set.

Gee, I wonder if I choose the right one?

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Becky :) said...

Good Grief!!! I can't believe there are parents out there that would MAKE their child wear these jackets.
By the way, I love Ebay too. Great place!!!

Jamie said...

Oh my, I feel kind of sorry for the kids who are going to get stuck with those other coats!

TressaMOMof3 said...

WOW! Those are interesting! And the one that you chose is the best!


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