At the big top

10:55 PM

The circus came to town today! To say it was hot is the understatement of the year. It was so so icky. PLUS, we were under the tent, with NO AIR, so it was just oh so nasty.

Avery LOVED the circus, and Liv either liked it, or was too hot/tired to move. There was NO way that I was going to be in a photo. Take my word for it....I looked nasty.

check out the pink cheeks.....

Just by looking at the girls, you can tell how hot it was, huh?

And here is Miss Liv on the way home. This was her look. She had a glazed over high on hotness look. As soon as we got home, all of us took a nap....a looooonnnnnggggg nice nap! :)

Moral of the story...sometimes we, as parents have to "pay our dues" with taking them events that we would HATE to be at. That's how it was today. It was gross, hot and sticky out, but we took them. And, Avery said tonight that it was the bestest time ever, so guess the buckets of sweat and the laundry basket full of sweaty clothes was worth it!

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