Thursday Happenings

3:08 PM

The girl sure does love to laugh, scream in excitement, run around, and just enjoy life! Just look at that toothless mess of a smile? Doesn't she just look like she is the happiest girl ever?

Liv LOVES bubbles! She can say "bubba" now, which is maybe her 4th or 5th word!

And Avery, feisty curly-haired Avery....the girl is growing up ever so fast. She'll be 6 on the 12th, and I just can't fathom that I am going to have a kindergartner on my hands...

Daddy took her on a date today to the movie "Wall-e" robot movie today. Got some great shots of the two of them together! :)

He sure does love his girls....all 3 of them....

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