What we've been doing this week...

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My parents are visiting from Wisconsin for the week. They brought up their camper and their puppies, and we're all having a fun filled week!

On Tuesday night, the girls and I went over and visited them at their campground.
We had a fun little supper, and some relaxing outside.

Wednesday, was a day full of activities! We went on a bike ride out to eat, shopping, and then stopped at this beautiful garden park in town. It was a really beautiful day!
Livvie likes to wear Bapa's hat...doesn't even look like Liv in this photo...
"Follow me, sis....let's go to the rock gardens..."
Nana, Livvie, Avery, and Bapa!

LOVE weeping willows....don't you?

This is my favorite photo right now....ahhhhhh......love those girls!

Livvie has a new best friend...Bapa is his name!

After we came home from the gardens, we took a little nap break (we, meaning Liv and I). When we woke up, Avery was ready to go again! "Let's go to the wading pool, Mama!" So, that's what we did! She's gotten SO good with the water! Still not putting her head/face in, but we're at least getting there! Yeah Avery!!!
After the pool, we came home, had some supper, and then had some more outside fun. Bapa and Nana bought Avery this barbie jeep for her birthday. Our neighbor boys have a John Deer gator, so Avery wanted to have a race with them!
Avery won one race, and the boys won the other 2. I can see many more races in our future out in our backyards!
Oh, and did I forget to tell you....while hubby and I were gone on our overnight, Liv learned how to drive? Yup....she sure did...

Avery's 6th birthday party is on Friday. So far there are 7 little girls coming to the Eloise party! I can't believe my little sweet Avery is going to be 6....sigh....

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