Saturday, April 14, 2007

A visit from the Button's!

Our friends, the Button's, came to visit us from BIG TOWN this afternoon! It had been quite a long time since Avery had seen her two buddies, Paige and Chloe! They got right into playing dress up!

Their 2 year old, Jasxon, even played a tad with Livvie!

Here is Paige, Avery, and Chloe sitting down to watch a Barbie flick. I did have Avery in a cutsie outfit, but of course, she changed back into her pajama gown...she is just like her momma! Who needs fancy clothes...just give me my pj's!
Here is Natalie holding Livvie. Liv had fun bouncing on Natalie's lap!

And here are all 5 of the kiddos that we had at our home today! Surprisingly, there were no tears, fights, or owies! It must be the superb parenting of these wonderfully mannered kids!:)


JenMom said...

What precious children--and the girls' room looks awesome too. Aren't good ole friend the best friends?

JenMom said...

sorry! friend=friends

Munchkin Land said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time! I love getting together with friends and their children. Its amazing to watch how they all interact. =)

Sue said...

Looks like all the kids had a good time. It's nice to catch up with friends. Especially when the kids can entertain themselves. :)

Kim said...

Awww, I wish we lived closer too! THey all looked like they hada blast with one another!


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