Monday, April 23, 2007

A Little Mommy Talk #2

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How did you tell your spouse/sig. other you were pregnant?
Was he happy, surprised, upset, worried, etc?
How did you feel?

Avery(found out October 30, 2001): It was funny, because we had been arguing that day. His family was in town to visit, and for some reason I didn't like him too much. I went to Shopko that night and bought a pregnancy test, along with some hair dye. We weren't really talking much that night when I took the test, so when I came out and said "I think I might be pregnant" he just looked at me. Needless to say, that broke the ice between us, and we were no longer arguing. He said not to tell anyone until I had a "real" a doctor. I went to work the next day and made an appt at the doctors office. The doctor agreed...I was pregnant. PG had to work that night, so I raced home as fast as I could so I could catch him before he left. I ran up the stairs (we lived in a 3rd floor apt) and he was sitting in our recliner putting his shoes on. I looked at him and said, "I'm 6 weeks pregnant." We both were shocked and ELATED! *(I have kept the 4 tests I took on my own)*

Olivia(found out February 20, 2006): Well, since this time was very much "timed" he knew when I was supposed to be testing so that was no surprise. I couldn't wait until the day the doctors office told me to, and I tested 2 days early. When I got a + I was crazy shocked. I had Avery put on her "I'm a BIG SISTER" shirt and go out and take the test to him in the living room. It didn't look like a normal test (it was an HCG stick) so he looked at me and said "what's this?" The guy didn't even notice Avery's shirt. I just looked at him, with a big smile (and probably some tears) and said "Do you see a faint line? I think I do! I think I'm pregnant!" This time we were both elated, worried, and thankful that God had answered our 32 month long prayer...*(I also kept all 5 of these tests)*


Amanda said...

Wow. Those are great stories. Thank you for your words on my blog. I really needed them!!!!

Kim said...

Love your reactions, isn't it funny how things like that can stop a fight in a heatbeat?

HomeSchool Mommy said...

Having Avery put on a Big Sister shirt was SUCH a cute idea!

Carrie said...

I saved all my pregnancy tests too. Brian thinks it's silly, but I want my kids (Ok, so Julia is probably the only one who'll care) to see what an old fashioned pregnancy test looks like.

Aleah said...

I wish I would of put a little more "surprise" into my husband's finding out! At least for maybe one of them!
It was fun reading your answers!

Amy said...

I love that your stories are so different. Of course your husband didn't notice Avery's!

Sue said...

Great way to end an argument. ;)

I too kept all my tests from both girls.

Oh - thanks for reminding me - it almost slipped my mind today. I apparently have no working brain cells today.


Munchkin Land said...

Great stories!! I really enjoyed them! We told our family in the same way that you told your husband about Olivia. Most of our family saw the shirt right away.

And I agree, words like those will usually stop an argument in its tracks! =)


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