A little mommy talk #3

8:30 AM

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Describe your pregnancy...cravings, sickness, etc...

Avery: I had a very good pregnancy with Avery. In the first trimester I had a sore chest and cramps. I also had a few UTI problems which led to a kidney ultrasound. Thankfully it was nothing serious, and ended up being treated with some meds. I felt really great during the second trimester. I LOVED being pregnant...feeling the movements, having a tummy, I just loved it all. I didn't love how tired I was, and the fun 12 trips to the bathroom every day, and all night too! In the third trimester, I had a lot of back aches and was ready to be done. I wanted my body back around 35 weeks. But, I did have to wait until the full 40 weeks were up! CRAVINGS: fish sandwiches, Carlos O'Kelleys, strawberries, ice cream

Olivia: I thought I was having boy from the beginning of this pregnancy. I felt different. I still had the sore chest and cramps. In addition I was also nauseous for the first 14 weeks. I didn't vomit, but I sure felt like it. I had crazy headaches till about 20 weeks. I didn't LOVE being pregnant this time...I liked it a lot, but I sure didn't LOVE it. I still was very tired, but I was able to take daily naps with Avery, so that helped! The back aches were terrible in the last 10 weeks, and I had a hospital scare at the end of the pregnancy. I was ready for the c-section at 38 1/2 weeks! CRAVINGS: fish sandwiches, applebees rice and mashed potatoes, cold food items...

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