Monday, April 2, 2007

Avery's Funnies

I'm trying to go to Egypt it's in the desert and it's in a town called Egypt. I gotta go to the kings palace and do things God's way now.

I have a star it's from Moses...I mean it's from Moses I think it's from Moses...I think that's it!

(playing with her little people toys, she came across an angel) "Mom, this is gonna be Old McDonald's wife and she's going to bless children, just like Jesus did!"

Avery: Look Mom! S-T-O-P!
Mommy: What does that say?
Avery: STOP!
Mommy: Did I do that? Did I obey?
Avery: Yes!
Mommy: What would happen if I didn't stop at the stop sign?
Avery: You'd get in a lot of trouble!
Mommy: From who?
Avery: God!

(On our way out to eat...PG and I hadn't really eaten all day, so we were very hungry)
Mommy: Honey...I'm so excited to go out to eat! What's that 7 deadly sin called where you just want to eat until you can't eat anymore?
Avery: It's called Qdoba
(can you tell where we were going out to eat?)


Jennifer said...

Love it!!!!!! (We love Qdoba, too, by the way!!)

Carrie said...

They have yummy chicken fajitas. The Qdoba by us has a fountain outside which makes a great distraction for Sam while we eat. Aaahh....I can hardly wait for warmer weather and the chance to eat outdoors. It's been raining here for days. The upside is that the grass turned green overnight.

Sue said...

Too cute! I love what they come up with!

Theresa Marie said...

LOL! Especially LOVED the last funny :)


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