My bad!

8:47 AM

This is so embarrassing to admit...
On Wednesday my friend Theresa and her daughter Audrey came over for a little play date and so us mom's could chat. I wanted my house to smell pretty, so I lit a Yankee candle. I didn't pay much attention to the candle, and just let it burn for 2 hours. There was a sort of 'haze' in the air at my house, but I thought it was just the sun shining in. After Theresa left, I went to blow out the candle. It was then I noticed that the wick was TOO long, and there was black all around the rim of the candle. THAT must have been the reason for the 'haze'. Later that day, I was doing maintenance on Liv and Avery's noses, and pulled out black boogies...OMGoodness! Then, I saw black on their feet and fingers! A little more looking around, and this black stuff was on anything and everything plastic. Our cups, toothpaste caps, storage organizers, etc.

So, Theresa, if Audrey came home with black boogies or dirty hands and feet, you know the cause! I asked the Dr. yesterday at Liv's appointment if I should worry, and she just laughed and said No!
How embarrassing...

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