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So, I (along with some bloggie friends) started our own little weekly 'get to know you' posting party. This is the first installment! If you want to be included, please comment me, and I'll add you for next week!

Question 1: Was your child (children) planned or a surprise?

Avery, our almost 5 year old, was a sort-of surprise. I had had the baby bug since we had gotten married (1 1/2 years earlier), and was just waiting for the 'right time'. I informed PG one night that I was going to stop taking the pill because I didn't like what it was doing to my body (plus I really wanted a baby). 2 weeks later I had a sore chest and a UTI. Took a couple tests and couldn't believe it... I was pregnant...very exciting! We found out when we were 3 wks along. Needless to say, it was a long pregnancy!

Liv, our almost 6 month old, took almost 3 years to conceive. You can read more about the long process here. The gist of it...we were finally able to conceive with the help of fertility shots. We also found out we were pregnant early on with Liv...I think around 3 weeks also. This time, it was hard to 'sink in' that we were pregnant...for real!

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