8:32 AM

Yesterday afternoon, as I was in my pajamas getting ready to take a shower, I heard a knock at my door. No one ever comes over to our house, so I just thought it was the mailman with a package or something. To my surprise, it was our good friends Marc and Monica and their 3 kiddos! We hadn't seen them in a year because they live around 8 hours away. Turns out, they were on their way to an interview for Marc, and thought they'd stop through! What a wonderful surprise it was....greasy hair and pajamas and all!

Here is all of our kiddos...
Liv, Avery, Lydia, Julie, and Bo
This photo was from a year ago.... Julia, Avery, and Lydia...I find it funny that Avery ended up in the same Dorothy skirt again...And, a year before that, at Chuck E Cheese...Julia, Avery, and Lydia

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