100 things about me....

8:23 AM

1. I love to sleep....nap.....snooze....rest...whatever you call it. I LOVE to do it!
2. While pregnant with both of my children, I secretly hoped and prayed they'd be girls!
3. I love 1% milk. My hubby and I are addicted, and we drink LOTS of it!
4. I have a Nikon D40 SLR camera..I love it
5. I hate to cook....I COULD do it if I wanted, I just don't want to
6. I love being home, with NOTHING to do...pj's all day...that's how I roll!
7. I don't really care about my hair or fuss over whether or not I like a new hairstyle
8. It was easier being a mommy the first time around
9. I like to watch TV
10. I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0, and that's how I create my blog designs
11. I use bare essentials
12. I wear Victoria Secret Vanilla Lace lotion...I have since high school...I smell like "cake"
13. I wish I had a king size bed
14. I talk on the phone to my mom at least 2-3 times a week...
15. I regret most of the decisions I made in high school
16. I like wrought iron things
17. I am an impatient person
18. I used to swim on a swim team from 6 yrs old - age 14
19. I also played volleyball in high school and college...I was a setter
20. I pursued my husband for 4 heart-wrenching months, till he gave in
21. We'll be married for 8 years on May 13th
22. I loved the movie P.S. I Love You, and I really love Mickey Blue Eyes
23. I LOVE to use q-tips in my ears
24. I love to get mail...LOVE to get mail...
25. I drink Mr Pibb for my pop of choice
26. I LOVE Hershey's with almonds right now
27. While my husband was going to Seminary, I taught preschool for 3 years
28. Avery was conceived the first month off of "the pill"
29. Liv was conceived after trying for almost 3 years, and with help from "fertility shots"
30. My husband is obsessed with John Piper, a pastor from Mpls.
31. I won't go on a frozen body of water...I'm a little scared.
32. I'm a careful driver, but I like to go 80 mph in a 75 mph zone
33. I have a green laptop named Bernice
34. My house is not very tidy. My kids don't pick up, and I'm not so good either
35. My daughter can read SUPER well, and she'll be in Kindergarten this fall
36. Our first year of marriage was hard...I had a temper, and it was a big adjustment
37. We lived in 5 apartments before we moved into our first home, 3 years ago
38. I have headaches daily. I take Prozac to help with them, but it doesn't do the trick
39. I love to blog, read blogs, design blogs
40. I grew up in Wisconsin, then moved to MN for college, and then to this state in 2001
41. I wish I lived closer to my parents....I REALLY wish for this to happen
42. We went to Disney World on our Honeymoon...such a FUN time!
43. I like to peel my skin when I get a sunburn
44. I eat supreme pizza. My favorites are Papa Murphy's and Pizza Hut
45. I don't drink water out of the tap...just bottled water
46. I collect Willow Tree Figurines
47. I love Nicholas Sparks books
48. I like to wear hoodies
49. I can sing most rap songs from the late 90's...I'm very proud of this, by the way! :)
50. I really like stripes
51. I wear a size 7.5 shoe
52. I wish I had a housekeeper
53. My hubby and I don't sleep in the same room....he snores, and I LOVE my sleep
54. If my hubby were to buy me flowers, I'd be upset...I'd rather have plants...last longer
55. My fingernails don't grow very long...they peel and chip
56. My grandma and grandpa were like second parents to me.
57. My grandpa died in 2001, and my grandma is in her last stages of Alzheimer's.
58. I love a bargain. I like to garage sale when I visit my mom.
59. I very rarely buy any clothing item for myself that is full price
60. I wish I could sing. I mean I can, I just wish it sounded pretty.
61. I am right handed
62. I have a pretty good "arm"...I can throw a baseball pretty well
63. When I was younger, I was on a flag football team...I was the center
64. I'm not a great mom....I'm a good mom, and I love my girls, but I'm in no way a great mom.
65. I don't know what I would do if I ever had a boy...
66. I don't know if we WILL have any more children. Every day we fell differently
67. We are reformed baptist
68. Being a pastors wife is a lot different than i thought it would be
69. I like pink and red candies (skittles, starbursts, etc)
70. I just had my 2nd eyebrow wax...the first one in 2000, and she burnt and pulled off my skin
71. I have 1 brother, Josh, and he is married to a girl that is from India
72. My father is a welder, and my mom works in the library at my old High School
73. PG's father sells Case IH Farm Machinery, and his mom is a medical transcriptionist
74. I love girls clothes - gap, children's place, old navy, gymboree are my favorites!
75. I was not a very good student, grade wise. Just not interested. My hubby....straight A's
76. I love dogwood bushes, and lilies, and gladiolas
77. I need to have chocolate after each meal, just to curve my sweet tooth
78. I love my family with every part of my being....I love my girls more than I knew I could love, and I love my husband more than I thought I ever would (most days...)
79. I asked my husband to write the last 20 things about me He, reluctantly, said yes....read what he says below.....
80. Jennisa IS a great mom
81. She's 5'4"
82. She still has a temper
83. She likes to try to take care of her husband when he's sick, but 8 years in, I still explain how, when I'm sick, I just needs to find a cave for a day and be left alone
84. She thinks her kids have too many toys, but SHE is the one who gets them all!
85. She (and we) are more about simple pleasures...a good meal out is quite the deal for us
86. She goes in fads and fazes and spurts... yardwork, for example... that lasted about 3 weeks... there's still a huge bucket thing of dirt and weeds out back from like 2 years ago.
87. She starts projects in the hopes that I'll come along and eventually finish them (knowing that I'll have to be the one who finishes them)
88. She is VERY loyal and committed...to me, to her kids, to her job...always follows through
89. She's dependable and reliable... if I were a boss, I'd want her to work for me
90. She's a great teacher for the little ones... it's just "what she does"
91. She'd like John Piper, too, if she'd just give him a chance
92. Her husband does NOT read too much... (does that one count as something about HER?)
93. She likes a few key places to eat - but none of them are in our town (same is true for me, mostly!)
94. She likes movies, but not the kind her husband likes
95. She's proud to be a mini-van driver (me, too)
96. She has a good life - God has been good to her, it seems to me (if I do say so myself!)
97. Her (our) kids are seriously stupendous in every way
98. She is long suffering, in regards to her husband
99. She puts up with a pastor's schedule (weird hours)
100. She is absolutely beautiful, and perfect in every way!

Now, I want ALL of you who read this blog to do this. YOU do the first 80 (more or less) and ask your spouse to do the rest....it's a lot of fun to see what they come up with! :)

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