Thursday, April 17, 2008

So when your allergies act up, and the roof of your mouth is itching, what do you do?


Leslie said...

I don't have an answer about the allergy thing other than check but it is great to get outside isn't it. We are having a birthday party for Kylie this weekend so all of our familyies are here. Fun.

Lissa said...

Ok,I have the same problem....Last year I almost rubbed the roof of my mouth raw. I would toast sourdough bread until it was really hard and then while eating a bite use it to scratch the roof of my mouth. Crazy, huh? I was desperate, it was out of control itchy.

This year, I am staying on top of taking my allergy medicine. It is still itching but not to the insane level it reached last year.

I wish I had a better suggestion :)

Kim said...

Yikes to the above comment! That sounds horribly painful!

I have no idea, I know when I the roof of my mouth has itched I have scratched it with my tongue but I dont know...... Sorry.


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