Wii entertainment

3:31 PM

My brother and his wife stopped through to my parents house on Sunday night. We all had a fun night of Famous Dave's and came home to play some games! Josh and Kathryn had just received a Wii as a gift, so we had some fun playing! :)

Here is Avery boxing Josh....

"That's right Uncle Josh...you best be putting up your blockers...I got a swing like you ain't never seen before.... ya wanna know where I get it from?".....
"That's right....my mom can bring the heat!"

Well, if I do say so myself, I did do rather well at kicking my brothers tail in boxing. Can you say KNOCK OUT? Hmm....I can!!! Kathryn took this picture...I guess we were moving a lot...is that why I'm still sore....2 days later?

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